ClusterVAR: Fitting Latent Class Vector Autoregressive (VAR) models. [Github] [CRAN]

mnet: A toolbox for modeling manifest and latent group differences and moderation effects in various statistical network models. [Github] [CRAN]

mgm: Estimation of Time-Varying Mixed Graphical Models [Github] [CRAN]

inet: Performs inference with the lasso in Gaussian Graphical Models [Github] [CRAN]

mousetrap: Functions for importing, preprocessing, analyzing, aggregating, and visualizing mouse-tracking data. [Github] [CRAN]

fspe: Estimating the number of factors in Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) via out-of-sampe prediction errors [Github] [CRAN]

cstab: Selection of Number of Clusters via Resampled Normalized Cluster Stability [Github] [CRAN]